"Steve takes such patience in trimming and shoeing my horses.  I especially like his attention to detail. He measures to make sure the angles are correct and both hooves are of the same length, shape and balance. I like how he took the extra step of applying wax to nail holes after shoeing to make sure debris and water couldn't get in. It showed me he takes pride in his work and will go the extra mile."
-Heidi Dierks  Hudson, WI

"I wanted to say thank you for the great farrier work that you do. The patience that you have with horses that don't always want to stand still is phenomenal. The job is never left only half done because of impatience issues. I have never had an issue with any trimming or shoeing. When my
horse wasn't trimmed properly by another farrier you fixed the problem. When that same issue caused a shoe to come loose - you were there to fix the problem the same day I called. Thanks for all you do!!!"
-Beckie Kilvington  Hugo, MN

"I have had a number of farriers but Steve Schmitt is like the horse whisperer. I swear my horse almost falls asleep during the appointment. Steve is Knowledgeable, always on time, and totally professional. I would recommend Steve Schmitt Farrier Service to anyone who is looking for “quality with kindness”.
-Terrie Grove  Somerset, WI